Map-For-Free: Create and design your own Maps for free

Maps explain the world. They have been around for thousands of years and are still being used today as a tool for communication and visualizing topics, events and data. With a Map you can quickly display data and information in an easy to understand way. Instead of writing pure text or using tables, a map will allow you to add another dimension. It presents a topic in a way that's easy to understand. It also gives a good overview of the really important pieces of information - the questions "where" is answered in the best way. Ask yourself how often the question "where" is used every day. however, Free Maps are a rare thing. Normally, high license costs and other legal problems occur when you use maps. Unless you pay a decent amount of money (e.g. for a map software) or acquire a license (also quite expensive) there are no real options for you to create a personal map. Also, the questions of technical and graphical skills come into play. Not everyone is a technical or graphical expert. So the best way to create a map for free (and fast and easy, too) is to use an online map editor.

Does "free" really mean free? What's the best Map-For-Free service out there?

There are roughly 200 online map editors. Another 100 exist as software (either on CD or to download). Also, everyone knows Google Maps but it doesn't allow you to easily personalize it. Our recommendation is a simple online map tool called StepMap. It covers all country maps, a world map and also regional maps. The editor is based on the 6 main aspects of map design (map area, city locations, lines, icons, images, descriptions). It doesn't require any downloads or plugins. You can use it in your browser after signing up for free. It offers over 2,000 maps plus a zoom-feature that allows you to create your very own area from scratch. The examples below show a selection of maps that have been designed with the map tool.

Selection of Maps-For-Free examples

My Trip to the UK - Design 4
StepMapMy Trip to the UK - Design 4

The first map shows a trip through the UK with images for each of the locations and personalized backdrop picture.

Around the World in 80 Days
StepMapAround the World in 80 Days

The second map shows a trip around the world. It's based on a personal design (colors, locations, images...) and has been created with the free map editor by StepMap.

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